This asset pack includes free-to-use Ren'Py UI code templates for credit screens which you can copy-paste and edit for your own use, including commercial projects. 

  • Mixing up, removing or expanding parts of the templates is greatly encouraged.
  • Has templates that are tailored for small teams, or larger teams with many roles.
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Tested for Ren'Py 7.5.3 and 8.0.3, but I assume it works for older versions too.

(Web build has delay and is not representative of normal performance)


Only the file counts as the UI asset pack. I've included the full unarchived Ren'Py project variant (one you need to manually build and others that are already built) so you can see how it's structured.

In the VN project you'll find the itch and twitter site icons that aren't originally made by me. They only serve the purpose of demo and are not meant for distribution, as I normally hide art assets from player's view. The same goes for my logo that cannot be used as an asset. That's why placing the Potato__RenPy_Credits_Screen_UI_Templates folder in your own Ren'Py project won't build since they reference image files that are not there.

(Eileen on my project cover is taken from the official art of Ren'Py's home page)

Credit to my name ("Gaming Variety Potato") is not required, but much appreciated. In that case you can list it under UI asset attribution. See "More Information" block for the licences.


Some additional instructions and tutorial are included in the README pdf.

The 'a' templates start off with how I would have done it when I used Ren'Py for the first time doing basic modifications to the default screens.rpy. Then I move on to bonus variants that do similar things with more maintainable code. Personally I prefer the versions with for-loops and classes since you need less line edits for effect to take place.


Testing projects like this also led me to the discovery that using the text {a=url}link{/a} method has a limit of 15 urls on a screen where  most links become unclickable when exceeding this number.  As a wild guess I changed it to textbutton with OpenUrl() action which resolved this issue. Let me know if you still run into trouble for using too many links on a screen.

I'm not actually schooled in Python or thoroughly knowledgeable about Ren'Py's ins-and-outs. If you have feedback on the code overhead or efficiency, I would love to hear about it too.

Feel free to ask questions or share screenshots of your GUI with this asset in the comment section!


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Is there anyway to change the color of the text to black? I have been looking around!

Yes, you should first refer to the official Ren'Py documentation for how to customise the GUI: I checked again and I haven't overwritten the default fontcolours in the extra styles I've defined so what you see are the default values defined in your project's gui.rpy.

Oh! Thank you, Almost forgot about that section 😅

Hey! Errr, I’m having trouble figuring out where it’s getting it’s all white text color from.. Most of the gui colors i set are not white, They are black, grey, Or transparent.. I hardly use white in the gui.rpy

Hi! Thanks for the template! Just wanted to know if the credits screen is available to use in a commercial project? (it's modified in some aspects, but still is your base code)

Have a good day :]

Yes, go ahead. I'm glad it could be useful to you. Have a nice day too!

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Much appreciated! Thank you so much for such helpful template~

Thank you for your comment! I'm glad you find it helpful.

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Oh! This looks great!

Also feels like a good template to keep item info or character info in a game. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for your kind comment! Yes, a lot of times you are repurposing code blocks, so it's cool you found a new use for them. :)